Eliminates viruses


Enviromental friendly


Hydzonator keeps you and your home free and safe of pathogens, and it is also a great device at the workplace or on the go instead of regular sanitizer!

The product can also be purchased in installments and it has the most competitive price in Europe.  Free shipping!

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Maintenance of the Hydzonator

The Hydzonator ozone water bottle has a two-year warranty. The device’s battery and electrolytic electrode have a 6-month warranty. The battery and electrode are wearing parts of which life cycle is affected by, among other things, the proper use and maintenance of the device and the quality of the tap water.

The electrode of the Hydzonator is serviced according to the instructions that come with the device. Lime in drinking water adheres to the surface of the electrode. It is advisable to clean the electrode with citric acid or vinegar as described in the instructions every 1-3 months, depending on the amount of use. Proper use of the device extends its lifecycle.

Ecological and safe

The chemical-free reactive water produced by the device is completely harmless to humans, animals and the environment. Ozonated water destroys pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, yeasts and molds extremely effectively.

Safe for you, effective against viruses

Hydzone equipment produces reactive water, which destroys pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and molds extremely effectively.

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